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a. Doonesbury cartoonist. Garry. Trudeau has never been to. Iraq or. Afghanistan. But for years his strip has chronicled a wars in those countries with a stories of characters like. Ray. Hightower. BD a football coach. Vietnam vet who went to. Iraq with a. National. Guard.

Trudeau s latest project involves real life soldiers s a. S box is a compilation of writings by. US forces in. Iraq. Afghanistan that were posted on a blog at. Doonesburycom.

Trudeau tells. Michele. Norris that his goal was to provide a general audience a flavor of what life is like for troops overseas.

He asked soldiers to provide writing that spoke to a texture of quotidian day to day activities of air lives that were not rants about a war or a politics of a war.

You can hear. Garry. Trudeau s interview here as well as entries from 1t. Sgt. Troy. Steward. Sgt. Owen. Powell of air experiences.

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